Resurgere Mines & Minerals India Limited (Formerly Exfin Shipping (India) Ltd.) is presently engaged in the business of extraction and processing of iron ore products ie lump ore and size ore, and is predominantly a manufacturer of calibrated lump ore (CLO) and Iron Ore Fines. The company is also engaged into merchant export of iron ore fines to China. The company is a member of CAPEXIL, FIEO and FIMI and is a recognized STAR TRADING HOUSE.

At present, the Company has run-of-mines contracts for two mines situated at Nuagaon and Maharajpur in state of Orissa.

Resurgere Mines and Minerals India Limited professes the following corporate objectives: “Providing quality products for domestic and foreign clients; securing generous returns for company shareholders; creating development opportunities for employees; and moving forward hand in hand with business partners”.

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